"Where I’m From"

I am from bruises,
From belts and broken picture frames
I am from the Silent Hearts.
(Empty, numb,
While the voices were screaming.)
I am from the old green Jeep,
The dirt road,
Driving away from a past
Trying to run from the broken memories.

I’m from the loud music and terrifying thoughts,
From rebellious teenagers and quiet kids
Sitting in the back of the class,
Hoping ot to get noticed-
Hoping to get noticed.
I’m from the shotguns and sawed-offs
From the physical and mental scars
Of ending up the odd one out.

I’m from crawdads and light bugs,
Cockroaches and peeling wallpapers.
From the do-it-yourself Harry Potter gummies
To the bright walls of a different life,
Walls built to keep out the tears.

Hidden in the closet was a small box
Locked up tight,
A hidden memory
Carefully protected fro prying eyes,
I am from locked boxes—
Where my happiness was kept—
Never to be opened until I needed a light.


It’s 1:20 am and I started watching all the Naruto Shippuden episodes again and I can’t stop listening to this stupid dong and it’s so catching and somebody send help cuz I tried to breakdance and I broke my shelf